The Serbinator

Robin van Persie was asked during a press conference describe ‘Nemanja Vidic’.He said ‘Vida puts his head where others are scared to put their feet’. A single sentence sums up Nemanja Vidic. SAF calls him the best piece of business he did after Ronaldo. Signed from Spartak Moscow Vidic joined as Serbian immigrant to become a cult hero or a legend for the republic of Manchester (obviously there is only red side).

Signed for just 7million pounds on a January transfer eyes did roll when he chose United over Fiorentina and specially SAF was questioned why did he bring a centre back of unknown quality with no prior scouting and just on the basis of 2006 FIFA qualification and speculations and rumors for close to  3 years where he and the fabled back 4 of Serbia conceded one single goal.

Vidic strength can be compared to diamond in terms of material and teak in terms of wood.   he is one of the most physically dominating center half to play for Manchester united and one of the best to play in the premier league.

Just because you are strong doesn’t mean you can’t your asses kicked. Vidic did struggle in his first few games. say it a physical or mental adjustment but yes he did have his struggles. Evra once said to MUTV that he and Vidic were so poor after their first game Rene put them against Reserves and those kids out ran them with pace and physicality. But then there is a famous quote used for motivation all the time ‘Tough times don’t last but tough people do.’ Vidic worked hard and used his physique and brute power. Sweated in the gym read the game even more better. From just a clearance defender he earned a reputation as one of the world’s best center backs, due to his defensive consistency and awareness, as well as his strength, leadership, and ability in the air.

He received a medal for his contribution in league cup and what did he do ? Unlike Mourinho throwing to fans he did give to Giuseppe Rossi in recognition of Rossi’s contributions in the earlier rounds of the competition.

Being a United fan myself when a corner was conceded by United unlike current days I was very patient and calm and I knew nothing will happen because Nemanja Vidic was there. A famous united banner read ‘worry about the ground passes and in air we have Vidic you need something what Spanish called as ‘cojones’ or bollocks to beat the big Serbian. I am not saying he was never beaten very few players have breached his and Rio’s partnership.

After 8 long years he left the club and got a fitting tribute to both his last home and away game. compared to Steve Bruce all the time he came on against Hull city and his farewell speech still gets Goosebumps all over united fans. The not so typical English chants echoed at Old Trafford or at Villa park it was of the same intensity. In his final game a Rickie Lambert foul had him bloodied but to see a bloodied Vidic was not new United fans know he raised the bar of bravery.

A special mention to Didier Drogba had it not been UCL final and had you tried that slap outside the pitch mate we would have been mourning for you and you would never see your statue for yourself.

He left us wanting more and he joined one of the most physically dominant and best defensive leagues in the world. Let’s not judge him on his current performances may be he is poor but he is a beast, a fighter or Simply as SAF puts a Warrior.


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